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ePractice.eu is a portal created by the European Commission in benefit for the community of eGovernment, eInclusion and eHealth practitioners. It is an interactive website that empowers its users to discuss and influence open government, policy-making and the way in which public administrations operate and deliver services.


The BUILD UP portal is a project sponsored by the European Comission (DG Energy) and hosts an array of communities in the sector of construction and energy, which gather members with common interests, offering messaging, blogging, calendar and document sharing tools as well as networking opportunities. 

This project is a very large on-going project with various major releases, engineered and maintained by the technical team of P.A.U. Education. I have had the opportunity and honour of being a part of the development team during various couple of months.

La mosca

La mosca is the creator and developer of 'GPS city games', a new and popular type of games where modern (gps and communication) technologies are used to a sensation that is best described as a vibrant combination of video-games with real life action.

Revista Española de Cardiología

Revista Española de Cardiología is a famous scientific magazine in the area of Cardiology. The website www.revespcardiol.org is the online version of it, with all articles published and publicly accesible.

This project consisted of renewing the website and giving it a complete new and fresh look. The particular thing about this project is that it is connected to the same database as Elsevier, where it gets its content from. This required a in depth control of permission management.

Elsevier España

Elsevier.es is a very famous and large online store for books and magazines in the field of medicine and health sciences. It is known among health researchers, university students of medices sciences, and others in the field, for its large offer of publicly available scientific articles.

A dedicated MySql server, 4 duplicated Apache servers and a dedicated Apache Solr server powers the website delivering access to more than 45.000 unique visitors a day.