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What is coaching ?

Coaching is a type of service that is very popular and widely used in the USA and many other advanced countries like Germany, the Netherlands, etc.

Basically coaching is a process in which the client, together with the coach:

  • explores its need (can be all sort of need) as a company or a manager
  • defines some sort of measureable objectives
  • defines the context in which the process will be applied
  • explores, defines and choses a plan of actions to take
  • takes the actions
  • measures the results and
  • compares the results with the initial objectives

This may sound very abstract, and it is. That is because there is no standard package that can be offered. In a coaching process the client (an employee, a manager, a company or a team) forms the center of the process... It is his (or her) need, his (or her) objectives that will determine the process...

A coach is just there, responsible for assuring that this person explores and analyzes the problem well before defining it, explores alternative actions well before choosing, and in the end actual will DO the actions...

A coach is there to help the client to: reflect, think, analyze, summarize, motivate, do, look back, change, etc.

Something for me ?

Well, if you feel there is something in your job or your company that:

  • 'is not quite going well', something that you
  • 'have always been complaining about', but never 
  • 'really knew what to do about it', or just something that
  • 'is very urgent to change'
  • or whatever ...

Just give us a call, expressing what is happening to you (or your team) in your job, might already help you clarifying what it is you need to do next !

Don't worry, no compromise, no need to determine already what to do... maybe you just need to have somebody to listen.