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Drupal Architecture

Importance of good architecture

The success or failure of a (complex) website depends for a very large part on the quality of the architecture

Typical questions that should be answered in an early phase are:

  • What is the data model behind the website ?
  • How will languages be handled ?
  • How will user access be handled ? Do we allow the use of custom cookies etc ?
  • How will layout and theming be organized ? 
  • What part will be programmed on back-end, what part on front-end ?
  • What parts of the website can be reused on other parts ?
  • What version of Drupal shall be used (Drupal 6, Drupal 7) and what modules ?
  • What are the functionalities that have to be customly developed ?
  • Etc.


We have seen many different types of projects -designed, architectured and developed by different types of teams-. Therefore we have seen where it can go wrong, but also where things can run smoothly

These important lessons from experience are the base of our work as a Drupal Architect.

What about you ? How is your project going ? Have you spent enough time on your data model, on your architecture ? Do you need some help ?

Let us know !