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Drupal Consultancy

Specific technical needs

For those who are not familiar with the commercial part of running a business, it may sound strange, but I have seen some companies that had a large Drupal project sold without having the necessary knowledge and experience available to even start the project... Is that a problem ?

YES, if that company relies only on the on-project learning capabilities of its employees... Drupal has a very steep learning curve and the combination of a new technology, strict time and budget available and limited experience can be a real nightmare ! I have seen it, and trust me, you do not want learn this lesson looking back... !!!

NO, if that company realizes its lack of available knowledge and experience and if it can, for example, count on the service of a Drupal Consultant, especially during the initial phase of the project.

A Drupal Consultant does more than 'just' defining the architecture and developing the website... That would create a dependence.

More than technical support

Rather than that, a Drupal Consultant:

  • first wants to get to know the company it is working with
  • wants to understand its strenghts and weaknessess
  • works together with the team available and has as its objective that this team can grow during the project
  • teaches the team how to cope with the project
  • organizes internal courses if needed
  • does coaching when it is needed
  • looks for extra (technical) support if needed
  • always says what needs to be said, so that important decisions can be made on time
  • etc.

If you find yourself in a position where you lack some knowledge and experience, but you have no budget to hire an extra full-time employee, consider hiring a Drupal Consultant, he might give you just what you need !