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Design / Drupal Theming

Basic principles

When building a website that aims to create a satisfying user experience, where users want to come back, it is of main importance to have a 'good-looking' design...

  • that reflects the (product or service related) 'feeling' you want to transmit to the visitors of your website, and 
  • that 'supports' the message you want them to receive. 

Therefore content and presentation, or structure and design, must go hand in hand. 

These principles are not new, and they are widely known -I would think...-

However, I keep being surprised about how many websites, even today, and even the big names, are still failing on these simple rules. Many websites are filled with information, rather reflecting the corporate / organizational structure behind them, than trying to suport the user to find the information they need.

And so they are failing to offer what most people look for when using the internet: quickly finding (quality) information. And so these websites -without maybe even realizing- might end up failing to do what they are designed for to do: create new clients, or bind existing ones...

But let's come back to you... you want to create a new website yourself, right ? So, what can webfordreams do for you ? Let's separate our service into three parts:

  1. designing your website according to these principles
  2. optimize your design/structure to improve user interaction 
  3. converting the final design into a Drupal theme


  • Maybe you are very aware of the above principles, and maybe you are lucky enough to have a very clear idea of what you want your design to look like ?
  • Or maybe you already have a general design idea, but you want it to be elaborated and seeing a few proposals so that you can choose which direction to follow ?
  • Or maybe you have no idea at all and you are looking for some professional help in defining what you want, so you can finally work towards a design that really meets your expectations

In any of those cases, you can definitely count on the service of webfordreams.

We collaborate with various Barcelona based and international designers, to help you in defining a fresh, original and professional design for your new web project. We also collaborate with a professional and very skilled interaction designer when it comes to reviewing and improving the user experience of the design proposal.

Having worked together on common projects before, we assure that you receive the service and design quality you desirve.

User Interaction Improvement

Designing a website and taking the user experience as a starting point, rather than the organizational structure, is a relatively new concept. The most successfull companies today realize the importance of that, and even employ specialized user interaction design teams... However, those companies generally are very big and have a lot of budget, which smaller companies do not always have...

Fortunately, at webfordreams we can count on the skills of such a professional interaction designer, without having to employ him full-time. This extra service is highly appreciated by our clients.

Drupal Theming

If you want your website to be run on drupal, once the design is finished and agreed on, we can convert it to a high-quality Drupal theme.

The job of converting a (purely graphical) design into a solid and flexible drupal theme is a very particular job that requires a lot of (drupal) knowledge and experience. With the experience of having converted many different types of designs into a drupal theme (see portfolio > projects), we can guarantee a high quality drupal theme with code that complies all the standards.

We guarantee:

  • Identical to the agreed-on graphical design
  • Clean W3C valid XHTML / CSS
  • Light-weight tableless CSS layout
  • Semantic markup for SEO purposes
  • Cross browser validated: IE6,IE7,IE8,IE9, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, MacOSX Safari
  • Optimized images for fast-loading
  • Resizable fonts