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Drupal Module Development

Need for drupal developers

There is a dream behind Drupal: the dream to bring the creation of modern, complex and user-driven websites into the reach of people that do not necessarily have any knowledge of web technologies or programming languages.

This dream is one of the main motivating and driving factors behind many big structural and architectural decisions. And although with every new release, Drupal is succeeding more and more in bringing this dream into reality, there continues to exist an important need for technically skilled, experienced and dedicated drupal developers.  

For example:

  • if you have specific requirements for your website and there is no module that provides you the solution you need, you may need a custom module to be developped
  • if you need a behaviour of your website that is similar but different than the one provided by drupal and its modules, you may need some hooks or other functions to be altered
  • if you need drupal to be integrated in your existing infrastructure (servers, webservices, etc)
  • if you need any special technical adaption of a standard drupal install to meet your project requirements
  • etc.

you might consider hiring the services of a (specialized) drupal developer.


Since the summer of 2007 we are full-time dedicated to Drupal and we have done a lot of custom work for clients.

What follows is just a small overview of the variety of our drupal developing experience (see also portfolio):

  • general module development
  • multi-language / multi-domain installs, with use of cookies
  • connection with webservices
  • custom statistics generation
  • google analytics customization
  • drupal performance optimization (memcached, apc, boost, etc)
  • apache solr index customization
  • front-end jquery programming
  • multi-server installs (separate server for mysql, apache, solr, load-balancers, etc)
  • url rewriting and redirecting strategies (htaccess, etc)
  • etc.

The list is much longer. But you got the idea. So if you need some technical (expert) help in the development of your drupal site, please don't hesitate and get in touch with us.

We would be glad to see where and how we could help you out !