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Based in and operating from: Barcelona, Spain


The BUILD UP portal is a project sponsored by the European Comission (DG Energy) and hosts an array of communities in the sector of construction and energy, which gather members with common interests, offering messaging, blogging, calendar and document sharing tools as well as networking opportunities. 

This project is a very large on-going project with various major releases, engineered and maintained by the technical team of P.A.U. Education. I have had the opportunity and honour of being a part of the development team during various couple of months.

This portal is a very dynamic and highly interactive website with a lot of users, community managers, event organizers etc. It therefore uses all the combined power of Drupal and many of its important modules to a great extend.

Part of development team
Technical Characteristics: 
Event management
Community management (organic groups)
Cases, newsletters, etc.
Document magagment, publications, etc.
Messaging between users
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