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Based in and operating from: Barcelona, Spain

Revista Española de Cardiología

Revista Española de Cardiología is a famous scientific magazine in the area of Cardiology. The website www.revespcardiol.org is the online version of it, with all articles published and publicly accesible.

This project consisted of renewing the website and giving it a complete new and fresh look. The particular thing about this project is that it is connected to the same database as Elsevier, where it gets its content from. This required a in depth control of permission management.

An advanced search form, connected with a separate Apache Solr server, lets the users of this website find articles of their interest within no time.

Architect and lead developer
Technical Characteristics: 
Multi-domain and multi-language
Domain specific permissions
Apache Solr powered search engine
Advanced search form
E-mail alerts
Automatic migration from custom Oracle database
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